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Churrasco Branding & Packaging

As part of an assignment to take a dollar store product and turn it into a luxury version, I created the Churrasco brand. Derived from a method of grilling meat in Latin America and Europe, Churrasco is a producer of high quality, hand forged barbecuing equipment.

Focusing on the main element that cooks the meat, the fire, I based my package around a solid wood box to hold each tool with the Churrasco "C" wood-burned onto the front. In addition, each tool rests on a bed of mesquite wood chips to add a bit of flavorful smoke to your meat. The tags are printed on a 100% recycled paper, so the only trees you're chopping down are the ones with which you need to grill.

The clean type, descriptive icons, and one splash of color along with the value placed on quality of craftsmanship put Churrasco a head above the competition.